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Aqua thermal area and gym

The recreational pool is a great way to release tension, fatigue and quick recuperation. To create a unique atmosphere, the pool has RGB projectors that can change colour. The pool is heated to a comfortable temperature of 30°C, is cleaned mechanically and chemically. The complex shape pool is 9x6 metres in size and 1.40 metres in depth and has several areas with different attractions: 4 hydromassage seats with a powerful head of water mixed with air, an aeromassage bench for 6 people and 4 aeromassage sunbeds. Aeromassage is a less intense treatment than the hydromassage, as only air, meant for relaxation, is supplied.

The Finnish sauna with dry hot air and temperature of 80-100 degrees and 5-10 % humidity has become a modern method of treatment and prevention of many diseases and an excellent way of relaxation. High temperature is quite comfortably tolerated by the dry air. After the steam bath it is possible to take a cold shower and then you are sure to feel light in body and good spirits. Sauna helps to get rid of everyday stress, gives energy and good mood.

Steam bath (hamam) differs from traditional Finnish sauna with higher humidity (90-100%) and low temperature (40-45 degrees), which allows you to stay longer in the steam room, warm up your body and relax. Hamam, like a traditional sauna, relaxes muscles, stimulates blood circulation and alleviates various types of pain. Steam inhalation is a traditional way to treat colds. Relaxing in a steam bath relieves stress and calms the mind, which can help improve your sleep, making it deeper and more restful.

A shower head is the perfect complement to your bathing experience. It allows you to take a contrast shower after the steam bath, which will invigorate your body and boost your immune system.

The relax area next to the pool is equipped with ergonomic deck chairs for rest and relaxation.

The gym provides an opportunity for psychological relaxation, a distraction from current problems and an opportunity to lift your spirits. A fitness room is a way of life and a philosophy by which one improves one's physical form and health.

Our phyto-bar is a small island of relaxation where guests can enjoy healthy drinks such as herbal teas and juices.