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Cozy SPA Center
Cozy SPA Center
24-hour fitness room with panoramic windows
Kitchenette in every room
Restaurant of original Nordic
Pizza bar
5 minutes walk to the sea
Shopping center, summer terrace, underground parking, bicycle rental

GRAVLAKS restaurant

Type of kitchen:
Local with touches of Scandinavian and Nordic cuisine
150 people

Our restaurant is a reinterpreted view of Northern European cuisine adapted to the Russian mentality and consisting of wood and river products: fish, game, berries.

The main feature of the menu is a minimum of spices and minimal heat treatment, thanks to which the flavours of the products are preserved as much as possible. The naturalness of the food is in the foreground.

The interactive Chef's Table area enables you not only to taste the food but also to watch the entire cooking process with Chef Tomas Senkuns. You will be immersed in the fascinating history of the dish and learn the secrets of its preparation. A unique tasting menu is prepared for dinner, showcasing a unique combination of ingredients and techniques.